Shri Nagpur Gujarati Mandal

Since 1905

About Us

Since 1905, Shri Nagpur Gujarati Mandal has been a crucial part of the region’s educational development. Pioneered by Shri Rajaram Dixit, Shri Soubhagyachand Kothari, Shri Deojibhai Thawar and other dedicated philanthropists, the Mandal began with the founding of ‘Itwari Gujarati Shikshan Sanstha’. Initially with just 28 pupils, the school was a remarkable success, inspiring the Mandal to establish more schools over the next 100 years. Today, the Mandal is a source of knowledge to over 5,000 students across a variety of educational systems, including Hindi, Marathi and English. The Mandal has not only strived to provide the best possible education to its students, but has also seen its fair share of challenge and difficulty over the years. Nevertheless, Shri Nagpur Gujarati Mandal continues to be a shining beacon of knowledge and achievement.
The students of the institutions run by the Mandal have earned recognition over the years for their outstanding achievements in HSSC and University examinations, and representing their schools and college at district, University, and state levels in athletics. The Department of Education granted the status of a central school to the Shri Umiyashankar Narayanji High School, while the National Assessment and Accreditation Council awarded B – Grade status to Shri Vrajlal Manilal Vasant Commerce, Jaydeoshankar Manishankar Thakar Arts, and Jashbhai Jijibhai Patel Science College, located in Wardhaman Nagar. 
What began as a single primary school has since grown into an impressive educational institution, thanks to the leadership of the early members of the Mandal who set the standard for transparency and responsibility in its operations. Their efforts have earned the trust of the community and resulted in generous donations and other forms of support for their cause of education. The magnificent work of these founders should be recognized, as it would not have been possible without them.
It is with great pleasure that the Mandal can proudly state that in the past 100 years, their institutions have successfully educated and positively impacted thousands of students, teachers, parents, and citizens. The remarkable success of those who have been educated here is a testament to the Mandal’s commitment to mass education, literacy, and overall well being. 
In acknowledgement of its accomplishments, the Mandal has organized a year-long celebration to honor all of those who contributed to its success. It is a time to express appreciation and gratitude to all who made it possible.

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